DisplacementAir travel harbours very specific and unique feelings: for some the feeling is nostalgia as past travel memories are revisited, for others the feeling is boredom triggered by the mendacity of traveling for work. Leaving responsibilities at the checkpoints and entering this space where no grand plans can be achieved, leaves an opportunity to just exist. The terminal forces a surrender through displacement.

After studying BA Photography at the New York School of Visual Arts, Zack Helwa relocated to Berlin, Germany, where he currently resides and works.

He is a multidisciplinary artist using video, photography, sculpture and performance; Helwa exhibits, curates and screens widely, as well as and running Puderraum; a photography collective, gallery and printing lab in Berlin.

Recent exhibitions have included; ‘Bitter’ group exhibition Puderraum, Berlin 2015 (exhibition, screening), Black and Blue are present installation Puderraum, Berlin (curator, exhibitor) 2015, Being and Time (sculpture), The Vandebilt Republic, New York 2014, Solo exhibition ‘Cacoon’ in Art Café New York, 2013