www.weplay4unow.com website and event launched!

See event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/472878196429727
check out our online shop here: https://www.weplay4unow.com/


1) purchase services here at anytime : https://www.weplay4unow.com/
2) Retieve your services ONLINE DURING online opening hours:
first online session: 21st October from 13.00 – 18.00
*Subsequent opening hours TBA

PLEASE NOTE: On Public Event Days, we provide services only to those who are physically present
1) Select your service
2) Pay for your service in person in the bar area (bring ca$h!)
3) Take your receipt to the door
4) Your service will be provided
*During coffee breaks visitors are allowed to enter the room even if they have not paid. The screens will be on, but no actions being made.

More info: https://www.weplay4unow.com/

weplay4u team xxxx***

We are real and not real, a presence and a pretence, embodied and disembodied, fantasy and fact. Watch us play for you. Watch us play with you. Watch us play you. And watch us watching you.

Enter the “Cybopticon” where you can occupy the role of observer and participant, voyeur and exhibitionist, audience and performer.

Four cyber characters appear in the material world, offering you an array of personalized services that range from the mundane to the erotic. Broadcasting from inside a cam studio, they test the boundaries of the cyber and the material, performing and provoking a series of actions that invert the gaze inherent to labour. Purchase a service to be given access to the Cybopticon, a virtual space where the characters play for an exclusive online audience. Or is it the audience who are playing for them?

Experience the performance by visiting the real-life Cybopticon at FK-Galerie during opening hours or joining us online at weplay4unow.com.

Read the live transcript from inside the Cybopticon and contribute your comments here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/14SvwQuqt_UhFqMpefbrnzHVNxAGH7gf_W7tMQeQqxh0/edit