FK-Galerie / Fk-Kollektiv will be curating a collection of photographs from photographers represented by Barcelona gallery ‘Fifty Dots’. The collection depicts different locations of natural beauty along-side images of objects representing civilisation.
Images have been chosen from the photographers’ defining projects, all works explore the paradox of awe and distance between us and the natural world. Our need to be in reach of civilisation is depicted by gas stations, cars becoming uncanny and absurd next to images of mountains, islands, deep waters. Reality Exchange is an immersive exhibition creating an atmosphere of stillness and peace that can come with isolation in nature, yet points to our modes of departure from these beautiful, yet unnerving experiences.

Participating Artists: Dani García Sarabia (ESP) , Eugeni Gay (ESP), Alex Llovet (ESP), César Ordoñez (ESP), Irene Cruz (ESP)

In exchange with Berlin, Fk-Kollektiv artists will also be exhibiting at Fifty Dots gallery in Barcelona over the 48hour Neukölln period. Catherine Bruce (USA) , Estevan Escobar Hovélin (DE) , Vitalis Neufeld (KAZ), Zack Helwa (EGY/ROM). Stephanie Ballantine (UK), Merve Terzi (DE/TUR)

About FK Kollektiv and FK-Galerie
FK-Kollektiv is a space for collaborative learning; for the exchange of ideas and skills supporting personal, artistic, professional growth. It is also an exhibition platform which allows for playful, radical experimentation and exploration.

It is an organic growing sphere that supports and breeds non-commercial goals and artistic experiments. We engage in all practices with the knowledge that art can and should be progressive to question the status quo and allow for new ways of thinking. We are intersectionally-feminist, anti-racist, and queer.
We are an interdisciplinary multitude of artists coming from varying countries, cultures, academic, creative and practical backgrounds, each bringing in their perspective into the one or all of the platforms we offer.

The artwork presented has ranged from immersive performance pieces, installation, digital explorations as well as photography. we encourage collective works which are open to submission, ideas pooling, collaboration and/or audience participation.

FK-Kollektiv started as a weekly critique session open to anyone who wants to show photographs, offer insights, come or just come and observe with interest. It enticed professional photographers who want to explore new projects to amateurs to those who have an interest not much experience. With our photographic studio artists can develop, scan, and print we give photographers the opportunity to create affordable material works. The mixture of people is enlightening; pushing members to follow on with their work, not feeling isolated as an artist and also building confidence to go further. FK-kollektiv has become a network for the emergence of themes reflected within photography, sculpture, installation, performance, workshop. Building collaborations, reactions and conversations.

The gallery space is non-commercial thats main premise is to support collective experimentation.
We reach out to a wide audience and submitters who come from and live around the world as well as local residents German and international. We are inclusive in our offerings, providing opportunities to develop project ideas supported by the collective members and the facilities which could be realised in the gallery space.