Thank you all for coming to our opening!!! here is the next round

”Akupinktur”: Live event! Hosted by F.K.Kollektiv – FotoKlub Kollektiv

Puderpink returns with AKUPINKTUR: our penultimate pink event!

4 pink.m
chromatic pleasures for empty bellies
brought to you by cake connoiseur Helen, sassy savoury cook Andre & fizz fairy Thea

Ki Jeal, Roses are Pink (ongoing)

Elle Peril, Live Poetry Station (ongoing)

8 pink.m PiNKiNALE
Zack Helwa, Pink Dream
Mette Sterre, Ghost Town Crier
Beatrix Blaise, Kat Addis, Eleanor Jennings and Alice Davidson, Pink Shed
Piotr Bockowski, Vodoo in the Afternoon
Berglind Agustsdottir, Dream Lover

9 pink.m Two Fit Birds, ‘Pretty In Pink: A Poetical Investigation Into Phoenicopterus Roseus, It’s Attributes And Exemplarieseses’
9.30 pink.m Dollar Baby, The Tender Femmes
10 pink.m Bjork Lidin, PINK PLASTIC
10.30 pink.m Ted Brasko, 50 shades of Pink

Akupinktur is the second out of three live events of Puderpink, a month long exhibition that brings together artists of all disciplines to work and talk in/through/beyond/because PINK.

It is so very easy to fall out of love with the world these days </3

Originally on this day folks celebrated fertility jumping around pink roman woods, having wine soaked orgies and telling fantastic tales of oily creatures making love on hilltops and then a bit later some sexy saint called Valentine sat in jail and wrote sweet letters to his lover and the pope was like “how cute, let’s immortalize your name or something” and then some long time after the American card association was like “♥ $$$ ♥” and that’s the story.

This year we don’t wanna buy valentine’s cards ! We don’t even wanna celebrate Valentines! We wanna heal our hearts with pink spirit and akupinkture our hearts with pink love.

Don’t buy valentines cards! LOOK LIKE ONE!

Akupinktur is an afternoon of blushing art, an evening of performance, pink food and chromatic pleasures for a pinker heart.

Akupinktur will serve you a menu of pink, reclaim its lovers and let you wear rose-tinted spectacles.

!ATTENTION! Akupinktur is a complete pink immersion. For one night only we want to filter our little worlds through rose-tinted spectacles.

This means that we enforce a dress code of at least 69% pink – If you don’t bring something that you want to wear yourself you might be forced to wear something from our pink sack 😉

We’re opening a little earlier this time. Come have cake with us and we can give you a mini-tour of the show. Open from 16:00. Kids welcome!

Event Series:

1) 27.01.17 (Once Upon a Pink)
2) 14.02.17 (Akupinktur)
3) 24.02.17 (TBA)