For 48hr Neukolln ONLY // Reality Exchange

For 48 Hours Neukölln ONLY Parallel exhibitions in Barcelona// Berlin! FK-Galerie / Fk-Kollektiv curates a collection of photographs from photographers represented by Barcelona gallery ‘Fifty Dots’.

Images have been chosen from the photographers’ defining projects, all works explore the paradox of awe and distance between us and the natural world. Our need to be in reach of civilisation is depicted by gas stations, cars…; becoming uncanny and absurd next to images of mountains, islands, deep waters. Reality Exchange is an immersive exhibition creating an atmosphere of stillness and peace that can comes with isolation in nature, yet points to our modes of departure from these beautiful, yet unnerving experiences.

Participating Artists:

Dani García Sarabia (ESP)

Eugeni Gay (ESP)

Alex Llovet (ESP)

César Ordoñez (ESP)

Irene Cruz (ESP)

✨”Tokyo Blur” It is the fourth project of César Ordóñez in Tokyo since 2007, a city with which he has a close relationship for years. Through black and white images, mostly of them at night and close to abstraction, he shows us a mysterious, sensual and “blurred” city. An intentionally metaphorical blur.

✨Dani García Sarabia’s photographs from the series Oro Negro (black Gold) shows the portrait of an area of Andorra exploring the disjoincture between its natural beauty and isolated infrastructure

✨Alex Llovet’s images from ‘Are away so close’ abstract the classical landscape photograph into an uncanny memory.

✨Eugeni Gay’s images from the series ‘From the Quantum Island’ are of the isolated environment of Lake Titicaca, which is situated at an altitude of 3800 meters. The photographs expose the sacred quality of the land and its disconnection from outside influences.

✨In Irene Cruz her new series “Drowning in Blue”, Irene reflects on the interference of mundane materials, such as plastic, and their resulting connection to the environment: the power and tyranny suppressing, invading and crushing the love and respect we owe our planet. This, in reality, translates directly to the love we have for ourselves.

In exchange with Berlin, Fk-Kollektiv artists will also be exhibiting at Fifty Dots gallery in Barcelona over the 48hour Neukölln period.

Participating Artists:

Catherine Bruce (USA)

Estevan Escobar Hovélin (DE)

Vitalis Neufeld (KAZ)

Zack Helwa (EGY/ROM)

Stephanie Ballantine (UK)

Merve Terzi (DE/TUR)