FK-Galerie presents In/Between by Róbert Weinraub

FK-Galerie presents In/Between, the first Solo exhibition of Róbert Weinraub. The exhibition is part of ‘Sync, Psych, Self (SIC)’; a politically motivated event series examining the therapeutic and potentially activist place of The Self-Portrait.

From Spring 2018- to Spring of 2019, FK-Galerie hosts all events including Solo exhibition by Róbert Weinraub, a performance happening , a ‘Self Portrait Workshop’, and an open call group exhibition.

“After graduating university, moving to Berlin was a milestone in my life. I left my friends, my family, and my boyfriend in the distance, all in the hope of a better life here. As the months passed I learned that integrating into a new environment takes time and nerves: building new relationships, moving every 2 months, gunning for paperwork, searching for a job, and getting used to online correspondence . . . In the midst of all this chaos, I had to take time to just sit for a second and stare out of the window.

Living on the first floor in a dark room that looks at the backyard of an old building, with a leafless tree standing there alone in the middle of winter, I learned to value the small things in my life, like the window reflections on the firewall in the early afternoon or the touch of my boyfriend after not seeing each other for more than a month.

I often wonder what will happen with these little things in my life once I integrate here and figure things out. Will I still cherish the light leaks or will I choose to stand in the sun?” – Róbert Weinraub

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