Eco/Non-Eco workshop

From 2/6/2018--->26/6/2018 with Zack Helwa & Rowan Tara de Freitas

FKK presents our second in a work shop series “From Film to Print” is the Eco/Non-Eco workshop series for B+W film developing with standard and alternative methods as well as C-41 colour processing and Raw film scanning.


02.JUN.18 15:00 Photo-Foraging Walk              (Free with any workshop)
03.JUN.18 14:00-19:00 Eco-Developing             1 roll incl.€55
16.JUN.18 14:00-19:00 B+W Developing           1 roll incl.€55
17.JUN.18 14:00-19:00 C 41 Developing             no film incl.€50
24.JUN.18 14:00-19:00 Raw Scanning Imacon/Hasselblad €55
26.JUN.18 18:00-22:00 Presentation                   (Free with any workshop)

**** LIMITED SPACES ****Please let us know if you had any prior experience as we can tailor the workshops according to your inquiry****

Hosted by : Zack Helwa : bio and work here:

Rowan Tara de Freitas : bio and work here:

Photo – foraging walk. 02.06.18 15.00
A group walking workshop around Treptow park where all participants in the series will have a chance to shoot the film to be developed in the following sessions. For participants of the eco-developing workshop it will also provide a a chance to forage for ingredients for the homemade developers. A great chance to share knowledge and ask initial questions about the processes to come. Participants of all workshops should attend. Meeting point FKK collective 15.00.

Eco- Developing Workshop . 03.06.18 14.00 – 19.00
Participants are shown how to home brew developers using a variety of household ingredients. These will include wine and coffee, as well as foraged plant matter found on the photo walk. Using this processes, we will develop B + W film shot on the photo walk. Various eco-friendly ways to approach fixing negatives will also be discussed.
This workshop can function as a simple introduction to the film developing process or as an add-on for those who already develop film but want to learn more about eco-friendly, experimental processes.
Price: €55 (including 1 roll of B + W film, participation in the photo walk and in the final presentation)
Deadline to sign up 30.05.18

B+W Developing Workshop . 16.06.18 14.00 – 19.00
A basic B+W workshop starting with a half hour lecture on different chemistry and their benefits, then continue into practical demo of basic developing using D-76 Kodak developer as well as discussing benefits of processes such as stand and semi stand development
Chemistry and sleeves will be provided by us!!!
Each participant? is to bring with them roll of film shot on the photowalk.
Price: €55 (including 1 roll of B + W film, participation in the photo walk and in the final presentation)
Deadline to sign up 13.06.18

Colour C-41 Developing Workshop . 17.06.18 14.00 – 19.00
This workshop is for colour processing. Preferably, participants would already have prior knowledge of black and white processing and how to properly load film into the developing tank and reels. Although a short demo and practice will be available if needed.
The workshop will go through familiarising with all the chemistry and difference to B+W as well as the CPP2 Rotary machine and how to use it and processing participant films.
Chemistry and sleeves will be provided by us!!!
Each participant? is to bring with them roll of exposed colour negative film with any ISO (no pushing or pulling)
Price: €50 (including participation in the photo walk and in the final presentation/ Roll of film not included )
Deadline to sign up 13.06.18

Raw Scanning with Imacon/Hasselblad . 24.06.18 14.00 – 19.00
In this Workshop we will explore the first steps of digitising your developed films. First we will show you our process of using a flatbed scanner to do a contact scan in order to preview an entire roll for archiving.
Second we will teach you how to create 3F RAW scans on an Imacon/Hasselblad scanner using the Flexcolor software. The benefit of this process is to shorten the scanning time without compromising any quality and then editing the raw files at home rather than before scanning in the preview.
Each participant is to bring a developed roll of film. Plastic sleeves will be provided if needed.
Price: €55 (including a 1hr future session to scan on our Imacon scanner as well as participating in our Final Presentation / Crit session.)

Final Presentation / Crit. 26.06.18 18.00 – 22.00
A chance for participants of all sessions to present and discuss the photographs taken, developed and scanned during the workshops as well as feedback towards the processes and discussing further methods if different