This Friday 28/10: *Deflection* a photography exhibition from FotoKlub Kollectiv, Berlin celebrating the European Month of Photography.

7.30pm: Opening and cocktails 9.00pm: Performance by V
9.30pm: Performance by SPIKE FUCK

F.K- Kollektiv (previously Fotoclub) returns with its third incarnation and third group exhibition. Celebrating the European Month of Photography; Deflection is an exploration of structure and divergence from it.

Deflection is about trying to face, confront, move into, move through and then being thrown back from it. It is about trying to merge in a way… to connect but to then be rejected.
Photographs in this exhibition examine this idea through their positioning next to one another. A hard-lined building deflects from the soft romantic dream of a woman underwater. An optical illusion uses mirrors skewing a logical point of view. Landscapes talk to you with another persons thoughts. Packaging ‘left behind’ becomes eery sculpture fitting back into a collective aesthetic of beauty. The photographer presents herself as the object: exposing, opening, reflecting and deflecting in equal measure.

You will see the delving into as well as the reflecting from, the thrown against and the conformed to. We deflect architecturally, romantically, self-referentially. Peaking at passers by, landscape from a distance, as the object itself; to the object and all the deflections that goes with it.

F.K.Kollektiv was created by Egyptian Born, NY art school graduate Zack Helwa. Growing up between Cairo and Romania, he heads the collective as an expansion of his community minded, ‘open to all who want to get involved’ ethos. The collective connects through a passion for a photographic view of the world. He focuses on his obsession for detail and the world of analogue and digital photography and everything that goes with it.

He has developed a fully functioning color & B/W developing lab as well as high quality scanning and digital printing, and upcoming: a color & B/W printing lab.

F.K.Kollektiv meets weekly in Pudderraum gallery and studio space. They are made up of photographers budding, established, conceptual, aesthetic, analogue, digital specialists…… they discuss their photographs, as well as help each other with finding resources, visiting exhibitions, offering references and Inspirations… there are soon to be workshops on b/w and c-type printing, and various other professional photographic skills.

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Featuring Photographers:

Andrea D’Auria, IT
Stephanie Ballantine, UK
Benji Bilheimer, USA
Marie-Laurence Carriere, CA
Jonathan Cuadros, COL-USA
Zack Helwa, EGY- ROM
Esteban Hovélin, DEU
Ezra Pink, DEU
Merve Terzi, TUR- DEU

Bernhard Weikert, DEU