Night and Day

07/10/17 – 14/10/17

Curated by:
Jon Cuadros

FK Kollektiv invites you to NIGHT & DAY, an exhibition celebrating the fever of the street/documentary shooter, with works by personal documentary photographer Jon Cuadros, and street photographer Hanko Ye, as well as a special guest street photographer to be announced on Monday October 2nd.

Jon Cuadros will be exhibiting from his series “Moscow Kiss,” part of a multiyear project exploring intimacy, human connectedness, and the urge to be closer. “Moscow Kiss” was shot in one blitzkreig week in the eponymous Russian capital, a sleepless time shared with Moscovites as diverse as squatters, aviculturists, and the Boulevard Ring elite.

Hanko Ye is originally from Shanghai, but grew up in Berlin after spending some of his childhood in China. A Design student with a brief stint shooting parties and events, he fell in love with the verve of the streets, and will be sharing some of his favorite moments caught on film.

Daniel Arnold will be showing a collection of photography from the streets of Berlin and environs, with a special eye for humour in unlikely places.