19/06/15 – 30/06/15

Curated by
Marusya Syroechkovskaya
Theresa Bader

A Bitter beginning to Summer Solstice, Fotoclub explore the bitter sun in their second group exhibition after the great success of Winterschlaf!Bitter from the inside out, bitter warmth, exposure from the longest day.

I am bitter
Bitter from the friends I lost
Bitter from the places I forgot
Bitter from something that passed forever
And I couldn’t hold on to it
Like this second
Like this day
Like this summer

Theresa Bader
Stephanie Ballantine
Elizabeth Gallon Droste
Edel Gardner
Zack Helwa
Oliver Mohr
Marusya Syroechkovskaya
Elsa J N Thorp
Janosch White

Tom Moore
The Weakling Treasures are a recently formed duo of two songwriters who perform songs concerning the following and more: Cowboys, Offices, Movie Stars, Hangovers, Nostalgia, Cities, Dread, Escape.

Performance Lecture:
Stephanie Ballantine