Fotoklub Kollektiv presents our next in residency program artists Bar Mayer and Stella Meris. EVENTS OPENING // JUNE 30 19:00 […]

For 48hr Neukolln ONLY // Reality Exchange

For 48 Hours Neukölln ONLY Parallel exhibitions in Barcelona// Berlin!

FK-Galerie / Fk-Kollektiv curates a collection of photographs from photographers represented by Barcelona gallery ‘Fifty Dots’.

FK-Galerie presents In/Between by Róbert Weinraub

FK-Galerie presents In/Between, the first Solo exhibition of Róbert Weinraub. The exhibition is part of ‘Sync, Psych, Self (SIC)’; a politically motivated event series examining the therapeutic and potentially activist place of The Self-Portrait.

Eco/Non-Eco workshop

From 2/6/2018—>26/6/2018 with Zack Helwa &
Rowan Tara de Freitas

The Great Falls // Exhibition // Book Signing // 05.05.2018

FK-Galerie is proud to present Michael Dalton’s first solo exhibition following the publication of “The Great Falls”. The photographic story depicts the enduring & crumbling character a the post-industrial environment, namely: The Great Falls National Park in Dalton’s home state of Paterson, New Jersey.