FKK is a collective for the exchange of skills and expression, we are collectively building up a pool of equipment for the sharing and the realising of activating and powerful visions!Darkroom:

  • KAISER Multigrade Enlarger for 35mm upgradable to all formats
  • Opemus 6 B/W enlarger
  • Durst color enlarger with color filter head and analyzer
  • Rotating Jobo cpp2 film processor with lift  for color and b/w films as well as for paper.
  •  Jobo 3063 Expert Drum Tank for sheet film,  prints up to 20X24
  • Multi tank 2 develops two 35mm or two 120 rolls
  • Multi tank 6 Develops up to six 35mm and six 120 rolls
  • An assortment of steel and plastic tanks for hand inversion processing

Digital imaging:

  • Epson Stylus pro 7900 A1 printer with Ultrachrome HDR pigment inks.
  • Mac Mini i7 with an assortment of useful photography and scanning softwares.
  • Scanner: epson V750 flatbed film scanner
  • Printer Epson R2880 prints up to A3+
  • Intuos4 professional retouching tablet
  • NEC Multisync 2490wuxi2 calibrated matte  monitor with Landscape and portrait modes.
  • Xrite i1Display monitor calibrator.


  • Light and reflector stands
  • Camera tripod
  • Backdrops for studio
  • Second hand strobe lamp
  • Umbrella


  • A1 Cutting board and
  • A3 blade cutting roller
  • Metal magnet viewing board with
  • daylight fluorescents
  • DIY made lightbox