Cyber and Material Character:

21/10/17 – 31/10/17

Co-Curated by:
Stephanie Ballantine
Elly Clark
Lena Chen
Esben Holk

We are real and not real, a presence and a pretence, embodied and disembodied, fantasy and fact. Watch us play for you. Watch us play with you. Watch us play you. And watch us watching you.

Enter the “Cybopticon” where you can occupy the role of observer and participant, voyeur and exhibitionist, audience and performer.

Four cyber characters appear in the material world, offering you an array of personalized services that range from the mundane to the erotic. Broadcasting from inside a cam studio, they test the boundaries of the cyber and the material, performing and provoking a series of actions that invert the gaze inherent to labour. Purchase a service to be given access to the Cybopticon, a virtual space where the characters play for an exclusive online audience. Or is it the audience who are playing for them?

Experience the performance by visiting the real-life Cybopticon at F.K.Kollektiv – FotoKlub Kollektiv during opening hours, the installation at SomoS The Beholder – Group Exhibition -, or following the virtual livestream (

Installation featuring works from guest artists:
Zlena Van Lunarem Mange Debauch Wie Ingeborg Kate Spence Veronica Jonsson Marie Wengler Voin de Voin Voin Voinov Makode Aj Linde Lena Chen Elle Peril Jack Jackee Word Jack Castillo Esben Holk Cathy Wade Elly Clarke Stephanie Ballantine Stephanie Ballantine Photographyh Lula Rodriguez


1) Purchase services in our online shop (
2) Retrieve your services ONLINE during LIVE opening hours (
3) Upon entering the Cybopticon, please be prepared to show your email address and order confirmation form as proof of payment.

1) Select your service from the menu provided.
2) Pay for your service in person in the bar area (bring ca$h!)
3) Take your receipt to the door
4) Your service will be provided

weplay4u team xxxx***


Stephanie Ballantine (b. 1984, London) studied Politics and Philosophy at University of Sheffield, UK and completed a foundation degree in Photography at Leeds College of Art and Design. She is an organiser and curator at FK-Gallerie and FK-Kollektiv. She has exhibited internationally in solo and group exhibitions, including at Aether (Sofia, Bulgaria), Sydney Museum of Contemporary Art, Space Gallery (Guaynabo, Puerto Rico), Pantocrátor Gallery (Shanghai, China), NGBK (Berlin, Germany), KW Institute for Contemporary Art (Berlin, Germany), and Tate Liverpool.

Lena Chen, aka Elle Peril, (b. 1987, San Francisco) explores women’s identity and trauma through performance and text. One of the earliest documented cases of “revenge porn”, Chen embarked on a five-year experiment living under an alternate identity as nude model “Elle Peril” to reclaim agency over her image and narrative. A graduate of Harvard College, she has spoken internationally at Oxford, Stanford, Yale and SXSW. Her work has been funded by the Federal Foreign Office of Germany, Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe, Delegation of the European Union to the United States, and Puffin Foundation.

Elly Clarke (b. 1976, London) is a performer, photographer and curator interested in the changing face, experience and role of the physical object and body in an increasingly digital world. Through #Sergina, a gender-ambiguous, multi-locationable drag queen persona, Clarke sings and performs songs, across single and multiple bodies, about love, desire and loneliness in a time of digitalism. #Sergina has performed at The Lowry Centre, Salford Quays; Marlborough Theatre, Brighton; G12 Hub and Kulturni Centar GRAD in Belgrade; The Club, Monster Ronson’s Ichiban Kareoke and Silver Future, Berlin; Birmingham Open Media; Secret Project Robot Art Experiment, Brooklyn and the Island Bristol; Home Manchester and the Academy of Fine Arts Munich. Her work has been supported by Arts Council West Midlands and Camden Council.

Esben Holk from HOUSEOFKILLING is a BFA graduate from the Bergen Academy of Art and Design 2017, with a background in creative coding, browser-based experiences and performative strategies. Concerned with the absence of ontological density in the material and notional existence of produced entities, such as the queer, he has been researching the agility of the proposed borders that define such objects. Vehemently anti-essentialist and anti-naturalist, the posthuman artist proactively approaches the sensation of being a lost entity as a weapon in a revolution.