Zack Helwa,  EGY-ROM

Founder, Director, Printer and Interdisciplinary artist. I was born in Cairo, Egypt in 1984 to an Egyptian father and Romanian mother, at 16 I moved to the US and studied photography at the New York School of visual arts. on moving to Berlin three years ago I started the ‘Fotoklub’ as weekly crit-sessions  as a resident and initiator of Pudderraum studio and gallery space. I have now developed the FotoKlub into FK Kollektiv, and initiative that moves and expands and teaches me as it grows.

Stephanie Ballantine, GB

I have Studied Politics and Philosophy BA, photography FD and after moving to Berlin 6 years ago I started to remember my childhood theatre training becoming… self taught performance artist experimenting with performance in video and poster design. I have a portrait photography business and I an ongoing self portrait project.  I have supported the FKK through ideas for branding and an online presence as well as supporting the organising of events and connecting with expanding networks.


Jon Cuadros COL-USA

Currently working on FKK zine on ‘Young Love’

grew up in the swamp before moving to Berlin to focus on “Lichtquellen” his debut photo-book published by Pogo Books. An accomplished poet and pastry chef, Jon taught himself film photography in a fit of escapism that unfolded into a career after years of working in news. His work has been featured in print and online, as well as in joint and solo exhibitions stretching across three continents.He spends his time between Berlin, Tokyo, and the Atlantic coast.


Marie-Laurence Carriere, CA

Currently a designer correspondent from Montreal, she has designed the FKK logo and posters for the Deflection exhibition.

Marie-Laurence is a French Canadian graphic artist living in Berlin. She loves playing backgammon and doing conceptual photography. Even though she has a lovely old Yashica, she mostly uses her phone for her photography projects to capture concept in a moment whilst watching the aesthetic emerge.


Ezra Pink, DEU

Currently manning and curating the FKK Instagram.Ezra Pink is a French-American photographer. He studied photography at the International Center of Photography (ICP) in New York. On his 16th birthday, Chloë Sevigny sent him a birthday card: “I know you will grow up at some point, but in your case it is rather a shame. This is the best day of your life, from now on it’ll only go downhill – please don’t take this personal.” Two months later he boarded a flight to Papa New Guinea, where he spent three years with a local tribe. He is widely known as a pathological liar.


Currently curator of ‘Puderpink’ a series of events and collective artworks that constitute a new consciousness around Pink. She is a conceptual thinker and great organiser contributing these attributes directly to the Kollektiv.

Johanna Sieben, DEU

Johanna holds a MA in religious studies and is interested in the theory and well as the practice of photography. Her main field in photography are social issues and street photography.


Special thanks to

Sander Houtkruier
Michael J Dalton
Janosch White

for donating equipment;

  • a desktop computer
  • developing tanks,
  • metal reels
  • enlargers