Black and Blue is present

27/03/15 – 04/04/15

Curated by
Zack Helwa
Nai-fei Wu

“In everyday life we are virtually surrounded by impure colours. All the more remarkable that we have formed a concept of pure colours” – Ludwig Wittgenstein

An evolution in the digital has created and ‘advanced’ the society we experience today a dependency now reigns, and; although the machines of science fiction are not yet upon us: some are beginning to rebel. A few have even decided to create art! By appropriating and then reinterpreting the works of other artists these machines produce disfigured forms, altered colours and torn objects through ‘accidental’ sabotage.

Byron Reza Afshar
Tesa Theresa
Stephanie Ballantine
Lisa Gee
Zack Helwa
Oliver Mohr
Nai-fei Wu

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